Friday, August 31, 2012

Character Sketches

  Jason Ardac:

Pencil Sketch.

Jason Ardac:

The mystery surrounding Jason Ardac is electrifying. He is secretive and cryptic in all that he does and says. Venessa doesn’t know if she can trust him, but she will have to side with him if she wants his help. And considering the state of the Universe and Earth’s eminent future, she definitely is going to need it. The most obvious thing about him: his midnight-blue hair. But it's the dark secret he keeps hidden that truly defines him.

Venessa Summers:

Venessa Summers- Blending In.

Venessa Summers:

Venessa Summers just thinks she’s an average grade ‘A’ high school student. She hopes someday to be a doctor, right now she is enrolled in all the right AP classes. She always counted on blending into the crowd, but when she gets noticed by one of the most talked about guys in school—Jason Ardac—blending in is no longer an option. But when her father dies in a mysterious lab explosion and his body later on goes missing, Venessa is forced to delve into the secret dark world of the Warlocks. This new world is filled with curses, conspiracies and government cover-ups, and powers beyond her wildest dreams. The deeper and deeper she digs, the more she begins to realize that her father’s death was no accident, and that Jason is hiding something.

Delia Summers:
Jason's twin sister

Random Character Sketch:

Here is a random sketch of Delia Ardac, Jason's twin sister. She's athletic and a bit moody, but worth getting to know.

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